Cheap watches under $100 – TOP 5:



The first watch is a stylish one. It’s the Ciga Design D009 from Xiaomi. The thing I like the most about this watch is the ‘less is more’ look. The watch is completely black. This makes it wearable on every location. Only the watch pointers contain colour. Red en silver. The silver pointer indicates the hours, and the red pointers indicates the minutes. The band is made of leather. The watch is waterproof when it comes to raindrops or sweat. For further information and the size, you can click on the link.

Cheap Watches



This watch is from Guanqin. It’s my favorite. This model is called GQ20022. This watch is also wearable on all kinds of occasions. This watch has many details. Pay attention tot he ‘moon phase’. The watch band is made of stainless steel. Furthermore, the watch has a white dial, with blue pointers. A wonderful combination. Don’t you like the white dial? The watch is also available with a black dial. This beautiful watch looks expensive, but the opposite is true. The watch is only 58 euros.



The next watch is from KOPECK. This watch is very similar to the collection of Daniel Wellington. However, a big difference is the price. The watches of Daniel Wellington are about 150 euros, this watch is only 26 euros. You can choose for a leather watchband or a nylon watchband. If you want another watchband, you can change it yourself. Click on the link for more colors and information.



What is a list full of watches without a golden watch? That’s why we selected a gold colored watch from Guanqin. This cheap watch has nice details. At you also have other colors, like a white or blue dial. Also very beautiful! The watch contains 8 fake diamonds. Price? No thousands of euros, but only 52 euros.




The last watch I want to show you, is from Jaragar. This watch has a black leather band and also a black dial (this watch has also options for other colors). The watch is ofcourse on our list because of the classy design and price, but also because of the good reviews. Click on the link if you want to look closer to this cheap watches.


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